Privacy policy

This policy describes how user data is handled and protected across the entire home automation platform. It applies to all apps, the backend server infrastructure as well as the public websites (from here on refered to as "services").

Privacy principals

  1. Your data is neither sold to third parties nor exploited for any financial gain. Your data is only ever stored in Microsoft Azure Datacenters which themself have a strong focus on privacy.
  2. No ads. The entire platform is ad-free and none of your personal data (anonymized or otherwise) will be shared with third parties.
  3. Your data is yours. All your data is secure stored in the Azure backend. Only you (and anyone you give access) can access it. Should you want to delete it at any point you can request so from your account page.
  4. Strong protection of data. All data is strongly protected. It is only ever served over secure connections and you decide who has access to your data.


As stated in the Terms you have consent to receive electronic communications related to your use of the services.

We will keep said communication to a minimum and limited to the homeapp. We will never share your email address with any third party, nor will we ever use or sell your personal information in any way to profit from them.

Types of data collected

These categories of data are collected:

User data & metadata

User data and metadata is never shared with or sold to third parties, nor is it used in any way but to be served to the respected user (see also "Privacy principals" below).

It consist of any data a user uploads to the platform (including but not limited to: user profile, images, home name & settings, metadata about actions and sensors, user assignments to a home)

Analytics and logging

In order to ensure proper workings of the platform the apps and IoT devices are equiped with logging and analytics capabilities that are disabled by default.

If you chose to enable them (opt-in) the transmitted data will be used to improve the services and fix any potential issues.

Logs and analytics never contain any personalized data and can be turned off on your request at any time.

(Logging is only available for the hub and will write a local log file that you can analyze yourself and/or send over manually).

Analytics data is sent from app and hub software only when you opt-in and only while the software is running.

They are only used to detect issues in the platform and make it easier to fix them. They are never shared with third parties.

Logging and analytics data consists of: internal telemetry events (order and time of function calls), unexpected errors, crashes and metadata about the hardware (free space, memory and cpu details).


As with any webserver, generic data is stored in the system logs: Login time, IP address, and other technical data.

This data helps to troubleshoot any problems users experience. It also helps to understand usage patterns, ensure the service can support all users, and enable site updates with minimal service disruption.