The price depends on the amount and duration of storage you want for your images.

At this poin no pricing information has been published yet.


Pricing is a monthly subscription fee to be payed in advance for storing your data in the cloud.

Usage of the apps, hub and IoT software packages as well as website (from here on referred to as just "software" or "services") is included in the subscription fee.

Once actived, the fee will immediately and automatically be billed on a monthly basis and you have the right to cancel at any time. If you cancel within 48 hours of the subscription expiration, then the effective subscription end will be the following month and you have to pay one more installment. If you cancel more than 48 hours before the subscription ends, then the effective date is the end of the current subscription and no more payments are required.

Failure to pay

As stated in the Terms a failure to pay will result in termination of your access to all services. Furthermore all your data may immediately be deleted following the end of the last payed subscription month.

Example: If your subscription runs out on the 3rd of the month, then your data may be deleted as soon as the 4th of the month.