This page aims to answer commonly asked questions. If your question is not answered here, contact us.

Q: How is my data protected?

Answer: Your data is stored in secure Azure datacenters and only served via secure https connections. As a home admin you are in charge of deciding who gets access to your data. By default no one but you can access your data.

Q: How much will this cost?

Answer: The primary cost will be the hardware you purchase yourself. It is up to you how many cameras and sensors you purchase, see the hardware page for more details. Once you have setup the hardware, the cost is limited to the monthly subscription (which covers the cost of securely storing your data in the cloud)

Q: After my account is terminated does the HomeApp platform still have access to my account?

Answer: No. When you initially created your account you had to grant the app access on your oauth provider (e.g. Microsoft). This consent is managed by your provider and cannot be modified by us. As such, even when your account is deleted from our system, the permission still remains on the provider.

However we fully delete everything on our end and thus do not have any means of accessing your data after your account is terminated.

Find below the links to remove consent on each of the provider platforms manually:

Manage Microsoft application consent

Q: How long is my data stored?

Answer: Your data is stored as long as your purchase plan allows you to. If your purchase plan is limited to 60 days of data, then data older than 60 days is deleted after then 60th day. Data deletion occurs automatically via bulk process jobs (+/- a few hours) as soon as data is older than your plan allows.

Q: How much of my private data do you store/process?

Answer: We only process the data you give us and try to store as little as possible. We do not allow you to create accounts with us and instead rely on third parties (oauth providers such as Microsoft) to manage your account. As such we only get access to your email address to uniquely identity you when you sign in. Beyond the email adress all further data is optional (username, home names, ..) and can be chosen by you.

Images, motion data (and other related metadata) is uploaded from your hub to our backend server and stored in separate storage containers per home. Each home has its own secure storage seperate from other homes.

Q: How do I register?

Registrations are currently invite only.